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Write For Us

Write For Us!

I know you've got stories! We all do ;) Isn't it time to start writing them down and sharing them for everyone to enjoy? 

If it's original and relatable I'll most likely share it

here on LWT! Below are our Guest Writer 

guidelines and instructions on how to submit your

stories. Can't wait to hear from you!

Guest Writer Guidelines

I'm so happy you are considering sharing your

stories with us! Below are some guidelines to help

you through the process:


1. Follow Us - It's a requirement that all guest

writers first subscribe to our blog and follow us on

social media. Once this has been verified, your

story will be reviewed for publication on

2. Follow You Back - We would like to follow you as well! Please provide links to all related social media so that we can tag you appropriately and get the word out that you've shared a story on our blog.

3. Story Length –  800-1250 words works best for our blog post.

4. Info About you – Submit a brief description of yourself and a photo (preferably tennis related).

5. Images/Graphics – Send along with your story only if you own the rights to it or have proof that it is free to share. We reserve the right to replace images/graphics as we see fit.

6. Original stories – Please submit only original work not previously published anywhere else.

7. Submitting your story - Just email your story to: Attach any images/graphics you'd like included with it per requirement #5 above.


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