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SUBSCRIBE! I'll only email when I've written a new story (every week or so) OR if I'm giving away something!

SUBSCRIBE! I'll only email when I've written a new story OR if I'm giving away something!

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My Ladies' Day at the BB&T Atlanta Open 2018

I felt a little guilty leaving my friend to go to the restroom just as we entered the Twelve Hotels & Residences for Ladies Day at the BB&T Atlanta Open Tennis tournament. It was just a little bit before noon when we arrived. As we opened the door, we were greeted with booming music from a DJ they’d hired for the event who attempted to get the party started by addressing the crowd with, “Who’s feeling sexy?!” At noon on a Thursday? Not me.

Not quite what I was expecting. The scene was a little nightclubish sans disco ball. And I was expecting a luncheon. So, it took a few minutes to adjust and several of the free-flowing champagne cocktails to help me along. Some of the ladies were definitely into it and were certainly picking up the vibe the DJ was laying down. Some were even dressed the part and seemed ready to put their worries behind them for the day. Others were casually dressed like me and my friend and a few ladies were dressed in tennis attire. I didn’t quite understand that wardrobe choice as we weren't actual tournament players but, they certainly were comfortable.

There were make-over stations, a photo booth, quick massages and trivia games. My companion and I only took advantage of the massages, because who can’t use one of those? Getting a make-over knowing that’d we’d soon be sitting outside to watch the matches in, what was that day, 92 degree weather, wasn’t at all appealing. The photo booth was cute and worked well for the group pix we were asked to take. The trivia games were a little challenging in that you really had to know your Atlanta Open history to win. But that was ok. The prize was a large autographed tennis ball and we decided we didn’t want to carry that around all day long anyway.

After about an hour of mingling, the doors to the dining room were opened to us. Rounds of white linen covered tables with a tasteful floral arrangement at the center and napkins of pink and green. Pretty. It was comfortable seating to enjoy our acceptable lunch of a garden greens salad and a grilled chicken cutlet. The dessert of white cake, whipped cream and our choice of peach topping or chocolate was equally as palatable.

Finally, the Q&A with the Bryan brothers and a special guest appearance from Ryan Harrison. That experience could not have been better. All of the ladies were captivated and the moderator did very well at keeping the conversation going. The players were open and engaging. We learned a lot about them which always feels rewarding. Afterward, we were given a photo op with the guest speakers at the photo booth and scored the best souvenir of the day!

I thoroughly appreciated the air-conditioned cars waiting outside to take us to the matches. It was our last bit of comfort before cheering on the players in the dead of the July summer heat made even hotter by the traffic crawling along the I85/I75 connector just on the other side of the tennis court.

We were taken to the west side of the court where tent-covered reserved tables and front row seating were waiting for us at the top of the stadium. We were greeted by an elderly gentleman who was very excited to be ushering in the Ladies’ Day attendees. He handed each of us four drink tickets to use at the bar stationed just behind our tables. More than enough to keep us cool in the Atlanta heat. We grabbed a seat and a gift bag which contained a few cosmetic counter samples.

As I mentioned, it was hot. Not unlike any other summer day in Atlanta. So the shade of the tent was so very welcomed. At that time of day, there is no where in the stadium to escape the blistering sun. I actually felt sorry for the court-side fans who I witnessed melting into a puddle of a mess as I sipped on my refreshing Cidre, by Stella Artois.

This was the first time I’d attended Ladies’ Day at the Atlanta Open. All in all, the day was enjoyable. While I was not expecting the DJ atmosphere at the beginning of the event, the rest of the day was pretty close to what I’d hoped for.

We met interesting people, spoke with amazing professional tennis players, were thrilled to have the best seat in the house and watched professional tennis matches in an intimate setting. At a ticket price of $199, there was plenty for ladies who tennis to enjoy ;)

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