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SUBSCRIBE! I'll only email when I've written a new story (every week or so) OR if I'm giving away something!

SUBSCRIBE! I'll only email when I've written a new story OR if I'm giving away something!

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It Takes One To Know One

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They were out last night. Did you see them? Or maybe you heard them. I’d imagine you at least heard them. They come out several times a year but it’s especially special when you see them in the early spring right after the tulips fade. Fresh from the winter’s dreary thaw, sparkling and jingling, some are curiously bejeweled and freshly painted even in the heat of the day. A clear indication that we are in the south. We were sitting on the back deck of the clubhouse waiting for all of the golf pairings to come in. It was my son’s high school team’s golf tournament which would decide whether they were going to compete in the state championships. All the teams were filing in and reporting their rounds at the scorer’s table. It was a pretty tense moment watching the scores post on the leaderboard and wondering where our team would eventually land. It was as we waited for the news that we first saw them. They climbed the spiral staircase and strutted to the bar. There were only about 8 of them when it first happened, but it sounded like a gaggle of them! Unrehearsed but in total unison, they let out their first “Woooo!” Followed by giggles and cheers. Again, another “Wooo!” when the bartender showed up with chilled bottles of Pinot Grigio. It’s the beverage of choice at all of their gatherings. Two more of them ascended the stairs and ran into the arms of the other 8. “Wooo!” they all exclaimed hugging and jumping at the same time. Then the tall bright yellow and green one who’d just joined the group turned to us and said, “I’m so sorry we are so loud but we just won our last playoff match and we’re headed to city finals!” jumping excitedly and grabbing my arm as though inviting me to join in. And as if on cue, another collective “Woooo!” stamped an exclamation point on her explanation. Curious to know why so many high school boys were there and staring at them with unhinged jaws, she asked, “What are y’all doing?” I insisted on answering her question for my group because, although I did not know her, I was strangely comfortable with the energy that she and her crew had plopped squarely in our laps. “It’s a high school regional golf tournament.” “Oh, it is! And is your son playing in it?” she asked. “Yes, their team just found out they will be going to State.” I told her. “Really? That’s great! Ladies!” She beckoned, “Her son’s team just made it to State!” “Woooooo!” accompanied with laughter and clinking glasses, these ladies were happy to celebrate everyone that day. If there was any part of you which might be annoyed by these ladies and their hoopla, it would quickly get snuffed out by the glee they exuded. You’ll never see a more ecstatic woman than one who has succeeded in a sport. Brandi Chastain flung off her jersey in her Olympic celebration and these ladies, while remaining clothed, threw their emotions to the wind. Which was basically the same thing. If you ever happen to run into these ladies, there is no need to be alarmed, feel intimidated or feel the need to contain them. Just congratulate them and let them enjoy and revel. Whatever they are celebrating is surely worth the explosions they will randomly emit. And I’ll give you a hint...if you sincerely congratulate them on their victory, they’ll most likely buy you a drink at the bar ;) How do I know? WOOOOOO! My USTA team is at State Championships this weekend! WOOOO!

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