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Girl Behind a Sheet

The Story

You wanna know who we are? We are moms, aunts, sisters, daughters, grandmothers. We are also professionals, entrepreneurs, students and retirees. We are ladies who share the love of the game, the thrill of the challenge and who choose to excel in the game of tennis. We welcome all. We do not exclude any. For our sisters who have come from every corner of our good nation, from across THE pond and across other ponds, we welcome you as one of us. You are what make us uniquely unique.


Here in Atlanta, Ladies Who Tennis, are quite a remarkable breed. We play outdoor tennis all year long. In the smoldering heat of the Georgia summers and throughout the dreary, frigid winters. (Yes! It gets cold here. We may not be in the Tundra but anything below freezing for us is equal to whatever the north can't bear because 9 months out of the year we are surviving 90+ degree weather and 100% humidity.) And in the wet months there's not a single player who complains as we TOWEL dry our courts to prepare them for play. Squeegees are decidedly inadequate and never hold a candle to a 30A beach towel but we do break out the leaf blower now and again. We do what it takes. We take what we get and deal with it. Whatever we have to do to get on the other side of the net, meet our opponents face to face and settle for nothing less than taking them prisoner. 


Yes, we are ladies. There's no denying it. We smile and are always courteous to our visiting teams. We wear stylish brands like Addidas tennis attire and shoulder functional yet modish racket bags from Head and the like. Our ladylike gracefulness is eminently apparent as you survey any refreshment table provided by the home team. There, you'll find a variety of healthy and energizing fare to welcome our opponents and nourish our bodies as we compete - all appropriately adorned with a seasonal table setting often highlighting a bouquet of freshly cut flowers from our own gardens or the local Trader Joe's. Yes we are ladies.


But as with any other person, there are moments when passion can overwhelm and disrupt rational decorum resulting in actions which don't exactly match our gentile appearance. We are human ladies afterall. We have quirks and we have emotions with corresponding personalties which makes us all distinctive characters. The lot of us. Don't let any of us tell you differently.  Be warned, she who points her bejeweled finger at another as being different from the rest, well, she is mostly likely the most characterlicious of all!


Combine all of that with our zeal for tennis, sisterhood, competition and the ever-present drama which any gathering of ladies tends to exude and you'll come to understand the feminine bracket of the league tennis scene.


This blog will serve to inform you and hopefully entertain you with stories of this cast of characters. We are the Ladies Who Tennis who revel in all the sport’s gracious pandemonium.


If you enjoy what you see here, please leave a comment below. It's always more fun writing when we know someone is reading ;)

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